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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I started knitting in 2005 and I'm 61 now. I crocheted, but prefer the look of knitting so I decided to learn. I took a local class which proved basically useless so I'm self taught.

If you're wondering... The teacher insisted there was only one right way to knit...her way. Wrong way to teach x1000.

My small town used to have a yarn shop and I learned how to knit there. I wasn't able to sign up for one of their classes, but the owner made an exception and spent a couple of evenings teaching me one-on-one, at the normal class rate.

She thought that the way I held the knitting needles was kind of odd, but she said it seemed to be working for me, so she wasn't going to try to change it.

Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
You're very welcome!

Absolutely! It was a challenge, and still is. Love it, love it, love it!

I forgot to mention that the patterns in the Blossom Street books are available at Debbie Macomber's website. Happily a new Blossom Street novel is coming out on the 25th of this month!

I have one of the Blossom Street pattern books -- I forget which one, but I *think* it is Knit Along with Debbie Macomber - The Shop on Blossom Street.

I have two of the books on audio CD, Back on Blossom Street and Summer on Blossom Street. I enjoyed them both quite a lot and have listened to them more than once. I look for more whenever I am at Costco, but I suppose I should just get the ones I missed with my Audible credits!
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