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turn a sweater pattern into a sweater dress?
Ok, I'm back! I tried to figure this out on my own and it came out way too big for me so I have now ripped out all my stitches up to the end of the sweater pattern minus the ribbing.

This is the sweater pattern I am using:


I then found this pattern and applied the math to the pattern I was using, but the skirt part came out way too big for my size:


So I ripped all those rows out and went back to do some more reasearch and found this page:


This is the tool I used to figure out my increses and decreases. I used the uneven versions:


I understand the directions, just not sure how to incorporate this into the pattern I am working so that I don't end up ripping out a lot of rows again.

Ok, I just got done figuring out all the math from the link posted as C.

The stitch count in link C. is less than the stitch count I have when I stopped the pattern in link A. before trying to turn it into a skirt.

So, now i am thinking that I take the math in link C. and apply it to the stitches I have on my needle from link A. using link D. to figure out when to decrease so that the number of stitches on my needle is the same number of stitches I need to cast on in link C.

Is this correct or am I way off? Hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!

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