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Originally Posted by Lorraine3289 View Post

GG: Why do you prefer the Fleegle heel over the Faux heel flap?

Questions - yes I'm full of them and I know who to ask

Thanks in advance for responses.

I've done Fleegle heels once and somehow had a block that made me not revisit them. Recently I realized that my pink sox with Fleegle heels are my favorites because of the way they fit and the fact that they show less wear than others even though I tend to wear them most and they're almost through a second winter. Short row heels just don't fit as well for me, don't stay in place, and tend to bind across the top of my foot. I've used short row heels with gussets and they don't bind but don't stay put very well either. Faux heel flaps are actually really cool. I've done several pair with them and will someday play around with making them fit more to my liking. Widdershins adds a little something more to the faux heel flap. It's pretty cool and I think will allow longer wearing for growing feet because of the way the heel turns but for my own sox it wasn't worth the bother. W&T isn't a problem no matter which heel I do, I simply replace it with another method. For me it comes down to fit and how well it wears. I may find out my Fleegle heel is best thus far because it was knit tighter, I did the whole pair of sox on sz. 0 needles. That just now occurred to me.

Enjoy your sock adeventure!
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