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Originally Posted by smeldsgang View Post
The closest one isn't on the beaten path so I don't get there often at all. I found a co-worker who knits, but our kids after school schedules keep us from getting together, so far.
It is always nice to spend time with someone over a shared interest, I hope you are able to get together with your co-worker at some point when your schedules coincide.

I taught myself to crochet at a young age, I used to do well with written instructions I loved the look of knitting for years and when I had the opportunity to learn at a LYS I took it. In the span of a few hours, I learned how to cast on and the knit and purl stitches; I eventually finished a seed stitch scarf for my DH.

Originally, a friend had told me about the class and had signed up, we were supposed to do the class together but she flaked I was upset at the time, but the joy of knitting took the place of that
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