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Originally Posted by Lorraine3289 View Post
Lovely socks N0ob along with all those others you have knitted.


Okay ladies - what is so good about the Fleegle heel - is if fit, ease of construction, no holes/gaps, padding or something else, tell me, tell me. I'm relatively new to socks (have socks on needles now) and the debate on sock heels seems confusing and ongoing and I just can't seem to get a good handle on each type. I know I'll probably have to knit a pair with each type of heel for myself to work it out but keen to know the pros and cons of each type - no I don't want much do I!

GG: Why do you prefer the Fleegle heel over the Faux heel flap?

Questions - yes I'm full of them and I know who to ask

Thanks in advance for responses.
Oh my! I don't know about the Fleegle heel, but I'm always trying to convert folks to the Fish Lips Kiss Heel! It's so simple and fits so well! Check it out on Ravelry.
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