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Stitch Holder Mid Row?
I'm currently knitting a neck piece, which has now become a curve and I need to place the central, flat part of the neck on a holder, with one side curving in that I have already knitted. However, I am mid row. I cannot knit the next few (17* see below) stitches to then place them on a holder, as this ruins my curve - the two parts have a significant height difference and a hole appears. I also can't just slide them on a holder, as then my working yarn will be in the middle of the holder.

Completed: Next row knit 23, k2 tog, turn and work on these sts only for now
Next row - p2 tog, patt (knit 1, purl 1) to last 2 sts, knit 4
Cont to dec 1 st at neck edge in every row until 20 sts.
Work straight for 13 rows, ending on a wrong side row. Leave sts on a holder for now.

Place next 17* sts on a holder for now, k2 tog, k to end.

How do I proceed? Eek!
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