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Originally Posted by jksted2001 View Post
I have been making a lot of knit shawls using lots of beads and I was so exasperated with using the smallest (size 14-16) crochet hooks that really made a mess of the loop of yarn. I have some 8 pound test vinyl/plastic fishing line and I cut about a 10 inch length and then thread it through the loop of yarn on the needle, slip st off, fold fishing line in half, add the bead, slide it down and onto the yarn, slip st back onto needle and knit. This 8 pound test fish line is good for size 6/0 and 8/0, haven't tried a smaller bead but I'm sure if it's too big, you can get smaller plastic fish line. I tried the tiger tail jewelry wire and it works almost as good as the plastic fish line.
I just found a fish line that works better than 8 pound test. It is monofilament 15 pound test. It is stiffer, so it is easier to pick up the bead and it doesn't recoil like the 8 pound test. and the bend over part stays better. and it works for 8/0 +6/0 beads
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