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Decresing in moss stich
Hi there

I am knitting the silky muffler in Ros Badger's book Simple Knitting. I have done 25 rows of moss (seed) st with 29 stiches. That is K1 P1 each row

Now I am trying to decrease as follows...

Row 1 (RS) P2tog, moss st to last 2 sts, P2 tbl
Row 2 (WS) K2tog tbl, moss st to last 2 sts, K2tog
Repeat rows 1-2 until 3 sts remain

It is the moss stich in the centre that is troubling me. I have tried a few ways. Is it still K1 P1 for both rows?

Any assistance much appreciated. Trying to get this done for my Mum's birthday on Friday!!

Thank you

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