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Need help reading pattern!

I'm in the midst of knitting a simple shrug and am stuck at the start of the increase row. You start out by casting on 46 stitches, do a few rows of ribbing, a few reversed stockinette rows then start with the increases. The row prior to the first increase is as follows:

Row 8 -work 7 pm, k1, pm, work 7, pm, k1, pm, work 14 , pm, k1, pm,
work 7, pm,k1,pm, work 7

Then the following row is where you start the increases.

First Increase Row: Knit1, purl1, and continue in rev st to 1 st before pm, yo, slip marker, k1, sl marker, yo to end.

I don't understand the directions that are in bold. What does she mean when she says to "yo to end"? Surely it doesn't mean to do yarn overs the whole way through? Wouldn't that result in a lot of holes?

Hope this is straightforward enough. If someone could help me that would be really great!

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