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I have plastic see through boxes for some of my yarns...but seems like there is NO ORDER in any of those anymore either!!! I am happy to hear from other readers here on the forum ....that we all struggle with this from time to time.
I have a large farmer's table that used to be in my kitchen on one wall. Attached to that is my swift and ball winder....measuring pad...and a few knitting machines that I attempt wire jewelry on...I have one small bookshelf that has the books I have bought and magazines. I have to make a decision on the shelving....I need to make the trip down to IKEA (about 30 miles on a busy highway I have no desire to go on!!!) or was thinking maybe office max (closer) might have something I could use....
Just the sorting through is helping now...I also need to redo my needle inventory. Currently my needles are in containers that fit in an expandable AARP bag!!! I bought the bunnykins knitting series off of ebay and would like to display those somewhere in the room preferably on a small shelf that my father built ...probably close to 60 years ago!
It will get done!!!
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