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Originally Posted by cakesandknits View Post
so I'm new to this and just wondering what the "unspoken rules" of pattern use is for selling knitted things at craft fairs? Do you have to design your own patterns? It seems like lots of free patterns have included notes that you're not allowed to sell the finished product... If you purchase a pattern can you make that product to sell? Thanks!!
Hello, and welcome to KnittingHelp.

The exact legal implications of using other people's patterns to make items for sale varies from country to country, but the one universal rule is 'Don't pretend you are the pattern designer when you aren't.'

Yes, a lot of free patterns have notes attached to them saying your not allowed to sell the finished product, but so do a lot of purchased patterns too. However, a lot of the time, this is a 'standard clause' and if you ask the pattern designer (or copyright holder if different) they may allow you to sell projects made using their pattern.
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