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Fulled Pocket Purse - QUESTION (S)
I found this and couldn't wait to get started. Since it's a new technique, I started with just some practice yarn. The technique uses 2 circular needles (not majic loop) to sort of "double knit" the pockets. Here's the link

Round 7 starts the pockets. K10 on Needle 1 with color 2, no problem. Then comes my first question
--on needle 2 (empty needle), CO10 with color 1 Do I use color 1 coming from needle 1? Or should I use a separate ball to start on needle 2?

When I first read through the pattern, I thought it would be easier to use 2 balls of each color; but, when I started to CO needle 2, I wondered if that would end up being a problem because it says that the pockets are formed by crossing over the yarn...from one needle to the other. But how do I CO to the empty needle from the yarn on needle 1

It's on Ravelry, too...but, i guess nobody decided to knit it because there aren't any projects-so no answers from that resource.

So...anybody? Thanks in advance
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