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First of all...WOW can I relate! During the cleaning out process and reorganizing of my knitting room, I have come to ONE conclusion. Use up all of my most expensive yarn first! So far....every project I have decided to knit, I am finding the yarn, but it is not my most expensive!I will add however, I do have several bags with pattern and yarns ready to go that I did buy with project in mind. I keep getting delayed for myself by finding things to knit for my granddaughter!!! BUT you are right NORMALLY you don't have the yarn you need. When I am perusing patterns now, it is usually with a yarn in mind.

When you mentioned button box, I immediately thought of that beautiful orange flowered round tin box my mother kept all of the extra buttons in. I could go through it for hours....the textures, the sizes, the colors. I could line them up...this must have been some one's great inspiration when Lego's came to be invented!
I heard GO GET ME A BUTTON FROM THE BUTTON BOX many times...It was a kind of GRRR moment...loving going in to it...loving looking for it...but then having the MISMATCHED button....although it always ended at the bottom of the shirt and my mom moved the bottom to the visible place. I bet others can relate to this too.
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