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New knitter
I'm a newbie at this I just started knitting two days ago. I found Amy's videos very helpful and starting off. How I got a into this you might be wondering? Well I started making puppets and I found myself going to Joannes and all those places and I thought the yarn looked really awesome, cool colors and textures and I seen some samples of knitting and thought I could do that maybe....... So I bought a starter kit from Walmart and started knitting. And yes as you can tell from my name I am a guy and so I feel kind of funny going into Joannes and whatnot and looking at yard. And my wife probably thinks I'm crazy, but I find it very cathartic and relaxing when I'm not doing the wrong thing on it at least. So needless to say I went back to the fabric store and bought some more wool yarn.I think it's pretty awesome texture and color and some more needles to fit that yard and now I'm doing something different , mainly just practicing my knit stitch and purl stitch . I hope eventually that I can at least make something that I can use like a hat or sweater but who knows. Anyways that's my story.

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