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claire, thanks for chiming in, i always appreciate extra eyes and thoughts.

the links do work, that's why i included them. the problems are mountain colors doesn't have that colorway still available, and the picture posted on the ravelry pattern page is wrong (it's not the same one in the book, it's a variation, which doesn't have instructions, just an aside, like 'oh yeah, you could do that too if you want, but figure it out yourself).

the actual 'bootcut' sweater pattern has slits or deep v's on the cuffs, neck and bottom sides, so it's relaxed fit all around, the way bootcut jeans are... but what's shown in the ravelry picture is a basic crewneck style and has stretchy/elastic arms/waist, and it's also shown in that same discontinued colorway.

for me, the colorways that ARE still available from mountain colors are either really feminine, or really plain... but i'm glad to hear you've had success with the yarn itself. makes me feel better about it's wearability/durability. the new WIP with it looks great - any pictures of the cowl that came before? (on a side/related note, how does one 'moth proof' yarn - i have some that came that way, but don't know the at-home process)

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