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Yah, I'm kind of in the same boat. I've done all the hats,mittens, and slippers I can for everybody I know. But there are always charities to knit for--preemie babies, animal shelters, the Salvation Army, domestic abuse shelters. They may not need them now, but you can knit up for this fall. I like to knit or crochet hats and mittens for my local elementary school. They tell me kids come into the office several times each day looking for some and the staff has to turn them away. I read that knitters and crocheters give 80% of what they make away to other people. I believe it.

As for the toys? The cats at a shelter would love some. I make an impromptu toy just knitting one row and binding off. It was the dumbest thing ever. Just done on a lark. My daughter's cat loved it! It's his favorite toy.
Welsh corgis are cool.
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