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A new man knitter comes to the fold!
So, I'm a 31 year old male marketing guy who just found his love for knitting. My girlfriend of about 6 months has been knitting around me like crazy so the other day I asked her to teach me how and I got into it! And I was half-decent. So, she shared her craft with me, I shared my craft with her. You can find our content and knitting exploration all over social media at @YarnGonnaKnit and at our blog/website:

I look forward to learning as much as possible from all of you and having a live long journey of knitting. Also, I plan on getting into making my own yarns soon too! That seems like a lot of fun! PM me, I love to talk marketing too!

- Randy (Mr. Yarn Ball), co-Founder
"building close knit communities" : )
A marketing guy who found a joy for knitting!
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