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a very knitted christmas
ok, so the following people i love i'm planning to knit for:

mom - she never wears ANYTHING i knit for her so: simple pillows about 1.5 ft square, moss stitch or a design in moss stitch, with some frilly, fun edges.

sister's baby to be - the requisite booties, pull up pants from the stitch n bitch nation (minus the devil tail which is cute but would go unappreciated), a simple matching sweater if i have time

sister - a handbag of some sorts

brother-in-law - the hat he asked for (2x2 ribbed easy in greens)

mr rabita - a sweater if his mum will give me some of their alpaca yarn!!! yummy! (hey, some people date a man for his money...), i am also making him socks in my knitting class

9 year old daughter - headband with knit flowers, a beaded purse with a little wallet attached

6 year old daughter - a knit duck (she loves ducks), a hat and scarf from some white cotton mermaid double knit i just picked up for 2 for $4.50!! i may embellish with another color of the same

mr rabita's mum - a cabled scarf from her own (prize-winning) yarn

co-worker girlfriend - mittens from stitch n bitch in exactly the same yellow/light yellow combo

mr rabita's brother's baby-to-be - ditto of whatever comes out the best from my sis's baby-to-be gifts

what are you making this year and for whom? anyone want to wage a bet that i get more than half of that done??
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