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As a combined method knitter I really think very highly of the method. There are only 2 times when it can e confusing:
1. Working decreases. K2tog will lean the way most peoples' SSK leans and vice versa.
2. Grafting. Most kitchner stitch directions say "insert needle as if to knit (or purl)"
I just remember that most people insert their needle to knit from left to right nad purl from right to left.

Otherwise, if knitting in the combined method is comfortable for you, don't go changing for the sake of anyone else.

As for KTBL which is sometimes called for, I have taught myself to think of the "back loop" as the edge that is further behind, or the "trailing leg" In the case of combined knitters, this will be the front of the stitch, but it still trails behind the part of the stitch at the back of the needle. All thse stitches will look the same, when your piece is finished, regardless of which method you use.
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