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my children both knit. at their school in the first week of first grade they start making their own knitting needles from wooden dowels that they sand and oil sand and oil. a fairy came and sharpened them a bit one night -ha! when they have finished their needles, they start knitting!

sadie is 6 and is making a stuffed cat. emma is 9 and has knit many things. she just gave my prego sister a super cute hat knit in the round at a baby shower. she made a matching bib and crocheted a border and tie on the bib. everyone at the baby shower was floored! (i, naturally, ate that up). her recent project was an embroidered sampler which was also a needle case.

the other day sadie was sitting outside knitting away and singing when all of a sudden i hear "MOM!!! I OFF JUMPED JACK TOO QUICK".

so adorable. i was sewing a christmas stocking today when emma had some hand sewing advice for me.

anyway, the reason they start these hand crafts so young in their schools is as a primer for mathematics. rather clever, don't you think?

amy, that picture is very cute, btw.
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