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Your children sound very talented! I totally get it how knitting could prime them for math! It's so spacial, and you have to do so much counting with calculating gauge and decreases, etc. Yeah, let's see, you've got addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! As well as some geometric possibilities as well! ....That's just brilliant. Plus, it's a great way to get boys into knitting as well! Very cool!

The school they are going to sounds great!!

I grew up as a crafting kid, and I was the only kid I knew that sewed and knit and crocheted. I remember in 5th grade, our teacher would read to us after recess, and we got to do what we wanted quietly, while he read. While all my classmates were drawing pictures of hearts and rainbows, I was sewing christmas ornaments and things! It would have been nice to have company! Although I got a lot of attention for it, which was kind of cool. One time we had a contest of who could tie 12 knots the fastest, and, big surprise, I won. I think I was actually more than twice as fast as several of the other kids, who'd never done more with yarn than tie their shoe laces! LOL! It was the highlight of my grade school years, definitely!

The closest thing I got to sharing crafts with my peers, was in 8th grade, when I got to choose needlepoint as an elective. It was in the Creole speaking section of our school, the only class I ever took with the Haitian girls in my grade. Of course, they all gabbed away in Creole, and I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but we had fun sewing together anyway! There's something about sharing a craft like that that is just special. It brings people together.

Thanks for sharing about your girls! I wish I knew them when I was their age!!
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