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socks and yarns
Hello everyone! This is a wonderful website. I love the helpful videos!

I am here to beg for helpful explanations about sock yarn, and hoping people can share their experiences and advice!!!

I have just worked out how to knit socks with some cheap acrylic yarn which was just for testing purposes, so now I want to knit some socks with the "correct" materials. I have been reading all around the web and I am so confused by all the terms.

Sock yarn, "fingering weight" yarn, "4 ply fingering weight" yarn - I am thoroughly lost. HELP! What do all of these terms mean?

What exactly is the "right" type of yarn to use for socks? I see lots of "sock yarn" on the internet, but what exactly makes it "sock yarn" ie what is it that makes this yarn specially suited to making socks? (Apologies if this is a dumb question!!!)
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