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ISO: "The Principles of Knitting" book
I know this is a long shot, but....

I've been using this book that I got from the library, called "The Principles of Knitting." It's 571 pages long, and has been an important reference for me for shooting the videos (with accurate information!) on this site! In short, I really need to keep this book! I'm no where near done using it for this site!

I have to return this book next week, and the book is no longer in print! And get this...the used ones on Amazon are currently selling for $250+! (!!!!)

It's hard to imagine that one of you out there may be willing to give or lend me a $250 book....but on the incredible chance that you might....I'm just putting this prayer out there!

(Oh Christmas Angels, are you listening?....Santa?....)
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