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"with right side facing"
When a pattern tells you to rejoin yarn, with right side facing -- does that mean to start with a knit or purl row?? I assumed that "right side" meant the knit side of the garment, and that I should attach yarn and start knitting. (I'm working the left front of the daisy baby cardigan). However, the seed stitch edge is not right in this area, and I am confounded by the instruction to shape the neck reversing all the shaping from the right side! Does that mean to read the right side instructions and do them backwards (i.e. if the right side says BO 6 stitches, knit to last 3 stitches and k2 together k1, do I do those in reverse (ending with a BO of 6 stitches)?

I need to be sent back to remedial knitting school!

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