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Hello, I'm a newbie to this site and to knitting. Just wanted to say hi and how wonderful this site for all use beginners out there! I have learned so much just from some of the to the site creator thanks so much!

I make polymer clay beads and to finish my beads I use a wood finish called " flecto varathane" it's made by rustolem and can be found at most home improvement stores I think I got mine at Lowes. Anyway I was thinking that you could use this wood finish on your handmade needles to make them smooth. It dries really fast and has no stickiness or smell.

I personally love the bamboo needles and find that I can knit longer because of the weight and smoothness of them. I tried others and some are just way too heavy.

I am having trouble finding some good ones online I make a lot of scarves and like to use the double ended short needles.

This is a great site so glad I found it :D
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