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How do you do a hat? Do you actually decrease for the top, using the different size frames? (I can see how this would work, but it seems like it would be a bit tricky to maneuver.) Or do you just knit a cylinder and bunch it in at the top?
You knit a cylinder and cinch it at the top. Not the most refined look but it works.

It seems like it would be possible to do knit-purl ribbing on such a contraption (if it has the right number of stitches), but not a row of all purling (not easily that is).
It is possible to purl but I don't like to on the loom. Takes too long. You can do double thickness stitches very easily, though-it makes for a nice, thick layer.

There are a few websites and Yahoo! GROUPS DEDICATED TO LOOM KNITTING. (oops-capslock) And apparently these things come in a ton of sizes...all the way down to infant sock-size. You can make a flat piece with the round loom-you just go back and forth instead of around and around. Check out for some ideas or try a google search. Very fun!
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