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Dear Amy,

Happy New Year 200555555555555.

I just have to THANK YOU. LIfe is funny, you give something up for a long time then bam! it's back in your life like crazy.
I've just started knitting again after several years break and there are so many little things I was afraid to tackle.

Because of your incredible fabulous videos I am doing things that just confuse me in books. I actually just tried Continental knitting which I swore I never would, why change something after so many years and it was the way I learned how to knit. BUT. My right arm and wrist were developing a painful cramp that I think may be relieved if I do Continental once in a while at least.

I have just been attempting my first SOCK w/5 dpns. Ripped it out 3 times. I cannot believe how fast you can go... (in your turning the heel video) . What excitement! So cool, you explain things so patiently and so that I can grasp it!

I have a house in upstate NY (besides NYC) and visited the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Fair last Oct. I am getting soooooo hooked. Amy, thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to put those videos up for free no less. You are a lovely & generous person. Victoria C.
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