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Working the Gusset
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Hi Amy~

I haven't made socks...yet. I've only made the "vw" hat in the patterns section and that's it so far (still haven't posted my pictures, but I will do it soon hopefully). I've already had to take a break from knitting because of hubby's busy schedule and pain in my wrists from making that hat. Since I'm in a book club, I think I will alternate my leisure activities between reading and knitting so that I can do a little bit of each one throughout a given week. Going hardcore and burning through a book or a knitting project in a couple of days just doesn't work out well.

I found that picture from the following website:

My mom was getting discouraged at making socks, especially at turning the heel and doing the gusset, so I decided to start a wager on bragging rights with her about who could make a sock first. She's had a 3 month head start on me in knitting. Anyway, I found that website among a few others to get an edge on her for when I do start my sexy socks.

I don't see a triangle in the gusset on the diagram. I see a line in the middle that looks like a seam. Hopefully I will be able to knit a sock properly when the time comes. Thank you for the clarification. I'll use this as a "heads up" if I get stuck in that area or confused.
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