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I'll have to post that on my knitblog sometime. I was quite funny now that I can look back and laugh about it! Was so NOT funny the time however!

Don't have any pics unfortunately, it happened before I discovered the knitting community on the internet.

Basically, I was drinking (red) wine while watching tv while knitting. Not only did I mess up the pattern as my attention was diverted by the movie (Vin Diesel = YUM!), and about half a bottle of wine, (the pattern got completely out of whack as I didn't bother counting stiches) but as I knitted I began to feel the yarn was...well...wet. What happened was the yarn, which was in a basket which was placed beside my wine glass, had some amount slack in it (due to my lack of due care and diligence I'm sure). It ended up getting dunked in the wine. I ended up knitting wine soaked yarn into my garment (a baby sleeper in pale yellow) for a few stiches before my brain caught up with me. Luckily I had only just started the back and had only used half a skein of yarn.

Henceforth I don't drink and knit! At the same time I mean. :-)
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