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Re: knitting with fun fur
Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
hi! I'm new too. One of the things I found helpful when i was first getting used to fun fur was to knit with a strand of fun fur and a strand of something else, like lion brand wool ease sportweight. It WAS wierd doing the double strand thing, but the fun fur is so thin that it didn't seem like a double strand. Anyway as a beginner I was scared to try anything but scarves, so i made a bajillion this way, and it made knitting easier (for me). The only thing is that you don't get that fluffy-n-furriness as you would with just the fur. Just my 2 cents!
That's a really good suggestion. I think carrying novelty yarn with a more sturdy, regular yarn is, indeed, a great way to make knitting easier. No doubt about it, though, fun fur can be a challenge.
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