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You guys are cracking me up I pulled a LOL -- sitting by myself in my office when I saw the teeny tiny sweater!! It is sooo cute, though! Now the red wine story is something I can see myself doing!

My knitting crack-up this week was a fun fur scarf I knit over the weekend. As I'm knitting it, my husband is exclaiming that it is the ugliest scarf he has ever seen (I guess I shouldn't wear it to his company after-holiday party ;-) ) So, when it is finished the next day, I decide to show it off to him by walking downstairs wearing a skirt, high heels and *only* the scarf for a top. I say "What do you think of my scarf *now* -- wink, wink" He simply says "it looks like you have a squirrel around your neck" UGH! I put on a top, wear it to work, take it off during the day and leave in piled on my desk where my boss walks in a does a startled jump back because she (seriously) thought I had an animal on my desk!!! I may have to give up fun fur!!!

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