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i can't finish anything! knit 2 together 2 times
as previously posted i am at a pause with my bobbi bear due to technical difficulties.

i'm also trying to finish up this cardigan i made but the button band i'm supposed to pick up sts for has more than the pattern called for (even though i am *positive* i knit it correctly and all the seams lined up and it fits perfectly minus the button band) so, another impass

AND --so i'm helping my daughter translate a pattern in the (embarrassed here) "teen knitting club" book for a (seriously blushing) poncho! and we -both- keep screwing up the sts. so, if a pattern says "knit 2 together two times, pm, knit 2 together 2 times" in a row that originally had 46 sts on it --why am i ending up with 43? and why does the pattern say i should end up with 38 sts left?????

oh thank god for this site!
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