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picking up stitches to make a domino pattern
I'm experimenting with domino or modular knitting, making a triangle and then picking up stitches along one of the sides and making another triangle, etc. The pattern instructions say that number of stitiches to pick up is the same as the number of rows I knitted (stockinette) and I am having trouble picking up that many stitches. The edge stitches aren't all loose enough to get a needle or even a crochet hook into them. I tried using the technique of slipping the first stitch of each row, which gives me more room and a nice chain selvedge, but only works if I pick up a stitch every other row. This pattern requires a stitch every row. Any suggedetions? Is there a way to use the chain selvedge and cast on extra stitches in between the ones I pick up? Thanks!
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