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I'm thrifty by nature, and also an environmentalist. I would never dream of actually throwing yarn into the trash, if it was longer than a few feet! (I even compost my itty-bitty scraps of wool! LOL) I can't imagine donating such little balls, because who would want them? So I save them, and determine to use them somehow. It's also great to have one of those balls in your knitting bag, along with an innexpensive pair of needles, to give away to someone you've just taught to knit!

Originally Posted by kmmcall
I guess it's not a bad idea to be a pack rat...someday our little bits of yarn might come in handy...
It's always nice to have a wide color selection, even if it's small balls, because if you're ever making a motif, like of an animal, and need pink for the nose, brown for the eyes, or whatever, you'll be glad you didn't throw out that bit of brown!

I've decided to start making charity hats, so that I always have an easy, mindless project on hand. I was thinking it would be neat to do an inch or two of fair isle, in a hat. It would be a great way to use up such yarn. I figure I could do lots of different-colored fair isle areas, against the same background, if I wanted to use lots of scrap yarn. The possibilities are endless. One could even just go with solid bands of color, and make a very colorful striped hat. I like a creative challenge, and the possibilites are endless!
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