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I have a little beef with Quicktime right now. It loads itself into my system tray when I boot up my computer. No need for it to be there, so I may just uninstall and see what happens. I hardly turn off my comp so I keep forgetting about it. I think I tried setting the preferences to not load up when I start my comp, but either I couldn't find it or it's a "fake" command.

I always get Quicktime and RealPlayer mixed up too. As mentioned I rely on WMP and Winamp for my media stuff, but sometimes I need one of the other players.

Having a resourceful hubby around comes in handy. Sometimes it gets frustrating between us when he doesn't understand why I don't understand, or other times, when I forget something that he's told me "a million times already."

He's a keeper for a while yet. I told him that when he turns 40, I'll be going through my midlife crisis and will have to trade him in for two 20 year olds
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