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Hi Everybody--This is my first post here 8)

I was just mentioning over on FaeryCrafty's site that I had come here and viewed the video on Magic Loop knitting. I think it's going to change my life! I don't like DPNs for some reason; they feel unweildy to me and I just would rather not have to deal with them.
I cannot WAIT to try the Magic Loop technique. I have the Boye Needle Master (just got it for Christmas, actually, from my DH).
Once I try it, I'll let you know if the cords are too stiff or if they're okay.
One thing I'm wondering about. Let's say I'm knitting a hat in the round from the bottom up, and I'm at the point at which I'd normally have to switch to DPNs. Can I just begin the Magic Loop technique then, or do I have to start the hat at the top?
I am so excited because now I might never have to sew another sleeve seam. Yay!

Great site you have, Amy. It's really wonderful.
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