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oh, sorry. i didn't notice that you had reponded. it is supposed to be symetrical, and it is in center of the pattern. i'm just giving the important info, so as not to infringe on any rights or anything, but this is basically what it says:

~co 46 sts
~a few rows in garter st
~p a row
~st st for 6 rows
~on the next knit row, begin decreasing as follows: rs row: knit 19 sts, then knit 2 tog 2 times. pm. knit 2 sts together 2 times. end row by knitting 19 sts. "you'll have 38 sts left". ws row: purl all sts.
next it just says:
~work 7 more rows even ~do the same decrease job again and repeat this kind of thing till there are 22 sts left. it doesn't say how many total rows this'll take.

thanks. i appreciate you helping me trouble shoot. emma is so disappointed in me -"have you fixed my poncho yet?" i distracted her by setting her up on a latchhook kit. these crafty kids --they're as bad as all of us!
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