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Help with neck shaping in sweater pattern
I am so confused!! I am working on a V-neck pull over sweater and have finished the back, and sleeves but am totally stuck at the V-shaping part of the front. The pattern states: both sides of the neck are worked at the same time, using separate yarn for EACH side.

I tried working both sides (adding a new skein and two more needles on the opposite side - just mirror imaging), but when I had to "turn" my work and follow the pattern for the other side, my needles were turned around and it just didn't work the way it was supposed to!! :?

The actual pattern reads:

Row 1 (decrease row): K25{28-31}, K2 tog TURN; add on 3 sts LOOSELY TURN; with second yarn, K3, SSK, knit across: 29{32-35} sts EACH side.

Row 2: Purl across tow within 3 sts of neck edge, K3; with second yarn, K3, purl across.

Row 3 (decrease row): Knit across to within 5 sts of neck edge, K2 tog, K3; with second yarn, K3, SSK, knit across: 28{31-34} sts EACH side.

Row 4 thru 15{15-17}: repeat rows 2 and 3, 6{6-7} times: 22{25-27} sts EACH side.

Work even until front measures same as back to shoulder shaping, ending by working a purl side row.

How do you accomplish working both sides at the same time???

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