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Thanks for replying, I'm so glad for that! I really was second guessing myself. I will have to be firm with him I guess, although he's very mean when arguing. Like he told me that he didn't mind if I messed with his bricklaying tools (implying that I'm mean to ask him not to play with my knitting stuff).

In any case, I think I will buy him a pair of his own needles, thanks for that idea Trish!

Thing is Amy, I believe in communication and trust and respect, but communicating with him is extremely hard to do. Essentially, we can have a serious conversation once in a while, but after about two sentences he's cracking jokes and giving stupid answers. I've learned to deal with it, but at times like these it really gets on my nerves!!

Anise, I keep my needles etc in a box in the spare room with all my yarn. It's when I'm sitting watching tv or something that it happens. If I get up to get a drink or whatever, I set my knitting down and leave the room, bingo, he picks up my spare needle and plays with it. I come back and see it, ask him nicely but firmly not to play with my needles and he kicks off! (At this moment I have my current project sitting beside me and well away from him!)

Anyway, I thought I'd ask other knitters their views, so thanks!!
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