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Ironically, talking to my husband is quite like talking to a brick wall! Think he spends too much time building them.
That is hilarious. ROFLMAO!!!

I don't know if "fighting" back with a prankster with another prank is a good idea, but....he has tools right...He must also have something equivalent to a carpenter's belt to hold his tools while working. I would be tempted to replace his tool belt with a frilly, lacey, pink KNITTED one. Make sure you leave a spot to put in some of his own knitting needles too. Wrap it up, make him open it infront of his workmates (if his ego can handle it, otherwise alone is fine). Say, "Haha, now you have your own knitting tools, so mine can go back to knitting and not scratching your back." Or..."How thoughtless of me. All this time you've been playing with my knitting stuff, I never thought that you might actually want me to knit something for you." 8)


Your stories are great. It was fortunate that you could prove your point to your husband with something that had the same level of value to you. If he only cared about watching football on tv, then I just can't imagine how you would pull off the same effect. Maybe put mud on the tv right before the Superbowl :?:
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