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Media Player seems to be quirky with some videos
It's been brought to my attention, and I've confirmed this, that some videos are acting quirky in Media Player. I'm not sure if it's just a few or most videos.

What's happening is that when you play the video for the first time, it cuts off before finishing. But if you close the window and try the video a second time, it works and plays all the way through, no problem. The video will work fine from then on, unless you clear your cache, then you'll have to play it twice again. A couple examples of this are the SSP videos on the decrease page.

If anyone figures out a solution for this, please let me know! It seems to be browser-related, because the original files that are on my computer play fine in Media Player, and I've uploaded them twice. It seems that Media Player only acts up when used online, via Internet Explorer (possibly other browsers too).

Is this happening to people? Do you know if it's a lot of the videos, or just a couple? For now, until a solution presents itself, I am recommending people view the videos in Quicktime. Although it's certainly possible to use Media Player still, just occasionally annoying. ...It's most bizarre!

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