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Ok, I get it now. I checked it out and did a little experiment on the decrease SSP video. Here's what I did (btw, this first part was done using IE):

1) Opened the video, watched it to the end, closed WMP, opened again. First video was 9 seconds, and the second time it was 18 seconds.

2) closed all my windows, and went to same video. Started as 9 seconds again.

3) Stayed at your website and just closed WMP, after watching it full the first time. Always got 18 seconds after that as long as I didn't close your website.

4) Opened your video, got 9 seconds. Closed it right away and tried opening it again. Got 9 seconds again. (Thought this might have been a shortcut to find the other videos that do the same thing, but no go. You have to watch it the first time and then close window, then re-open and look at the time to see if it's the same).

Clearing out all of my cookies and internet files didn't help.

My other experiment involved using a different web browser. I've been meaning to put it back on my computer anyway, so I downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox. I got the full 18 seconds each time attempting all of the above experiments.

Any Netscape users to join in on this experiment?

Amy, not that this would be your idea of time well spent or fun, but if it's only certain videos, then maybe re-shoot them? Perhaps the video is somehow corrupted.

I'll keep doing my experiments on the other videos with IE. I have a few theories that might put some insight into the problem. I thought maybe it was videos with just sound. Or maybe WMP cuts the video in half when it pulls this stunt on your videos. Not that this would help solve it, but maybe if it's always cutting the video in half or cutting after 9 seconds, it might help narrow down.

I'll keep you posted.
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