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Wow! I didn't think one fight with my husband would generate such a great discussion!

My husband is an Irishman, in case you are wondering, and yes, it seems to be 'the Irish way' for men to be arrogant, stubborn and emotionally stunted! But I do love him as he has some great qualities.

In reply:

Anne, I'm knitting him a scarf at the moment, hoping that he will be happy that I am finally knitting him something. He doesn't have a tool belt, he has a tool box/bag. It is so heavy I cannot even lift it! I could knit him a handy carrying bag though for the smaller stuff...I'll have to think about that! On Saturday we will be going to Bray to check out a wool shop, I'll drag him along and have him pick out some needles for himself. Hope it works!

Amy, I read Mars/Venus a long time ago! It was a really great book and I should try and find it again and leave it lying around where he can see it. I think it's great that you and Sheldon were able to sort through your differences. It seems as though you are both able AND WILLING to understand each other! Maybe he could give my husband a few pointers?!

Thing about men is (and my hubby has confirmed this) they usually want to fix a problem, not hear about it. If I'm upset and need to talk or whatever, he always assumes I'm asking him to fix the problem. He can't always do that and gets upset because he can't. Whereas, like you Amy, I just need him to listen!

Roxanne, that's a great idea! He is always questioning my need to buy knitting supplies so this is a great excuse to buy more more more!! I was going to tag his needles with a little label as well so that I don't use them by accident.

Gosh, all this trouble over little ole needles :-)
"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain" ~Dolly Parton
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