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Thanks guys!! I've been knitting the baby blanket since the beginning of January. It's so complicated that I only pick it up when I have time to concentrate and can complete at least one repeat of the 16 row pattern.

The scarf is turning out great and is already 35in long! It's a really fast knit so I'm pleased with the result!

Good luck with your vest Jouf! Remember to post pictures!

Amy, maybe you were playing a game?! Anyway, when I knit I like to fall into a rhythm as it is so relaxing. When I'm on the internet it just keeps getting interrupted!

Will be taking my scarf to work today however to knit at lunchtime. It's great 'cos when my bosses come up to me (why do they think I will work at lunchtime?!) I can always say no 'cos my hands are full!
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