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amigarabita how do you do it?! I could not concentrate if I had kids calling me and the internet running (have you got the tv on in the background as well?!!) How old are your kids? Will they be started school soon

The girls at work loved my scarf, and I also got a comment off one of the Directors! Said it was great to see someone knitting as he hadn't seen it in a long time. Apparantly his mother knit for him. Anyway, I'm pleased that people are liking the scarf!

On a sadder note, a hat I knit for my husband (which I never got a pick of) is now lying somewhere in the Irish Sea. (Brings a whole new meaing to the subject...Knit 'n Surf eh?!) At work today a gust of wind blew off his hard hat....and the hat he was wearing underneath. So, I'll have to knit another one! It's done on DPN's so it won't be too long at any rate. Just another excuse to go to the shop!
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