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New Knitter :: Needs tips and info
Hello Everyone..

Might not be the only male on this site.. but I've been wanting to startup knitting for a long time.. my dad knitted for many many years, and I wanted to carry on what I thought was a great hobby.

So this is my problem.. I finally got the cast on thing kinda working.. but while I knitt ([em]haven't figured out purl yet[/em]) the stiches seem really tight and it's hard to get the needle under the stiches.. but I orignally started doing counted cross stich and was tought to hold the thread a little tighter to maintain nice stiches..

And that might be my downfall.. I've watched several of the videos, and let me tell you they help alot, but I'm having some problems doing this..

I seem to be doing okay with the cast on..and the knitting will work, but I have to really force it..

When I watch the videos her knits and stiches look so fluid... I was just wondering if anyone had any tips and or resources..

I'm learning this on my own, as my fater is usually a little busy and I don't have time to ask him righ tnow, but plan on in a few weeks. I've been knitting for a couple of weeks (not consistenly) and just wanted to get the knitting a little more fliud and quicker paced..

I appreicate you litening to me ramble and helping me out

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