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Thanks everyoune..

I enjoy the support and seeing that I'mn not the only one that had trouble..

I think the main reason is when I CrossStiched, I was taught to hold that thread Extra tight, and I find myself hold the yarn the same way..

But people call me a perfectionist.. and I have problems sometimes..

But I have been trying and trying.. I was able to knit a small swatch of like 10 rows x 15 stiches (as a test)

But I also have the problem of splitting the yarn.. That starts to get me annoyed..
I'll start up with 15 stiches and by like the 4th row, I magically have 18.. but that I know is probably cause my initial caston and knit rows are too tight. so it all comes back to that..

I was thinking of taking a class around here.. but.. they are limited to 6 people and fill up fast!

Thanks for the support
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