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Bind off in neck shaping problem
New knitter here. I am working on a cap sleeve sweater comprised of a front and back. The cap sleeves are worked as part of each piece, that is, you work the body, increase and shape the sleeves and end up at the neck. That is where I am now, and it has been smooth sailing to this point. Now, I am confused! I am supposed to shape the neck (which is 103 st. and includes the shoulder and sleeve): work 17 stitches, join another hank of yarn, bind off 47 stitches, knit11, and then finish last 17 stitches. Then, I am supposed to work both sides at once... Yikes!

Questions! 1) join another hank of yarn to what and where? 2)bind off like normal? 3) what does it mean to work both sides at once?

I will be truly grateful for any help. I started this sweater 18 months ago, just picked it up again at the same spot that made me put it down, and I am determined to finish it! Thanks!
P.S. I am working this on circular needles
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