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Goodness what a wonderful thread this became!
Amy, what you've done with your trunk has definitely inspired me! I've two antique trunks that are basically used for decoration. I need to find a way to get rid of the musty odor first and then I'll work from your inspiration and line them. Plus, it's the perfect way to keep my stash and needles well out harms way.....harms way being our 9 month old Vizsla puppy, Gracie!
Also DH has a home office that we've been talking about moving upstairs and taking over one of the empty bedrooms. He'll have much more space and I will get my very own room....complete with shelving for baskets'o yarn'n stuff!
Today I did go through my stash...sorting yarn by type, full skeins, partial skeins etc. and put them all in ziploc bags. It's going to be great to pick up a bag and see at a glance what it contains! Hopefully it will keep out any critters too.
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