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Thank you for your detailed reply, Amy. Yes, the neckline is just one bound off "slit", and the continuation of the top of the shoulders and cap sleeves make up the rest of the neckline row. I decided after my post that I needed to just go for it, figuring at the worst I would only have to undo my work. Turns out, I got very close to what you described to do. I basically stitched to where the neck was supposed to start, tied on a new ball, but continued on with the original ball during the bind off. I then did have two balls at either side where I worked the rest of the pattern on each individual side until the pattern told me to bind off. I didn't pick up the new ball to continue across, but I basically achieved the same result of having one ball on each side of the bound off neck. I will take a look at it again and see if picking up the new ball would have made a difference in the look of the stitches, otherwise, I think I got it right. Thanks for your comments as it makes me think I did it correctly. And, thanks for the fabulous website!
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